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Flights available (4 - 5oz samples) $8.50 • (6 - 5oz samples) $12.00 • Growler Fills $15.00 • Howler Fills $8.00

Conquest        5.2% ABV  

Classic White Belgian ale mildly hopped with East Kent Golding. Our first horse (White) in the Four Horseman of the Brewpocalypse 


Station 1 Amber Ale      5.5% ABV

A crisp Amber Ale with hints of carmel and bisquit fllavor with a floral aroma. 


Blueberry Cream Ale      5.4% ABV

A medium bodied beer with a subtle hop characteristic blends well with the smooth sweet flavors of corn and lactose and a heavy tart and sweet blueberry taste..    Contains Lactose


Dark Root Blonde Ale        6.6%  ABV

Moderatley hopped and medium bodied describe this golden ale with a floral aroma coming from late addition Mt Hood hops.


Against the Grain IPA   7.0%  ABV

Centennial hops from beginning to end with a heavy dose of Citra hops for dry hopping.  Malt balanced with flavors of grapefruit, pine, and citrus with a heavy citrus aroma.


Shameful Opportunist Scotch Ale  7.4%  ABV

Full bodied, malt forward, sweet with a hint of oak.  Made with Maris Otter, carmel, and roasted barley.  This Ale is sure to warm you in the cold days ahead. 


Big Truck Double IPA  (Coming Soon)

If you like our Tribute IPA, and we know you do, you'll love Big Truck!  It's bigger, colder, hoppier, and stronger.  All the same ingredients, just a lot more of it.

Wild Bill's Root Beer  made by:  Northwoods Soda Company, Non Alcoholic Root Beer 

"It's The People" Porter 5.9% ABV    

Smooth and Creamy from lactose and oat flakes, with rich chocolate and roastiness flavors from chocolate, caramel, and roasted malts.  Contains lactose


Oatmeal Raisin Stout 5.6%  ABV

Dark, smooth, and slightly sweet with just enough bitterness and hops to balance out the richness of roasted malt's nutty character and the creaminess of the oatmeal flakes.  


Smoke Show Smoked Brown Ale  7.1% ABV

Made with smoked malt with dark caramel and roasted barley, this medium bodied brown is lightly hopeed but big on flavor.


Unholy Hazy IPA  6.6% ABV

This juicy hazy has flavours of orange and grapefruit. Bittered with Magnum hops and large amounts of Centennial and Amarillo hops lend flavor and give it that great citrusy aroma. When the IBU's came in at 66.6 we had to call it Unholy.


Icy Roads Winter Ale   6.4% ABV  (release date 12/2/22)

Lightly hopped and brewed with honey, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg.  This spiced Ale will be sure to warm you up on these cold days!


WINE: Wine Flight Available 3 - 3oz samples $8.50


Harlot Red Semi Sweet Red Table Wine 


Bordello White Table Wine  Wine Punch $6.00


Cathouse Cabernet Sauvignon 


Madames Moscato    


The Boyd Pinot Noir   


Ask about our Wine Punch Options




Cherry  5.8%       (semi sweet with semi tartness)


Tangerine  (coming soon)

All of our Craft Beers are made by Brewer Roy Finch at this location in the back of our kitchen.  

We use a 2.5 bbl Psycho Brew System; Made In Michigan.

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