Flights available (4 - 5oz samples) $8.00 • (6 - 5oz samples) $11.00 • Growler Fills $15.00 • Howler Fills $8.00


Classic White Belgian ale mildly hopped with East Kent Golding. Our first horse (White) in the Four Horseman of the Brewpocalypse 

Blueberry Cream Ale 5.4% ABV

A medium bodied beer with a subtle hop characteristic blends well with the smooth sweet flavors of corn and lactose and a heavy tart and sweet blueberry taste..    Contains Lactose


A crisp Amber Ale with hints of carmel and bisquit fllavor with a floral aroma

Bad Decisions Agave Red Ale

A Classic Red flavored, mildly hopped Ale brewed with a sweet Agave Nectar.  This Beer Brewed in honor of our dear friend Brad Kerspilo.


A full bodied stout brewed with ColdSpell Colombian Cold Brew Coffee, a rich blend of chocolate and caramel malts, and roasted barley.  Contains Caffeine

Master Exploder Jalapeno IPA

Same grain bill and hop schedule as the Tribute except in place of the honey we add fresh jalapenos.  All the jalapeno flavor and aroma with just a tough of heat.

Side Hatch Brown Ale  5.9% ABV

Carmel and chocolate malts give this refreshing brew a little sweetness and Northern Brewer and Cascade hops add to the flavor and aroma.

Peanut Butter Porter 

Smooth and creamy and oh so dreamy!  Contains lactose

Wild Bill's Root Beer

made by:  Northwoods Soda Company, 

Root Beer 

Waskawy Wabbit Pale Ale  6.2% ABV

A bitter pale ale hopped with Citra hops from beginning to end.  Malty and with a slight darkness in color.

Party Dungeon Pale Ale 6% ABV

A smoooth and clean Ale with a slight bitterness, featuring Mandarina Bavaria hops it has a pleasant fruitiness and very distinctive tangerine and citrus notes.

Blueberry Peanut Butter Porter (Mixed)

Our Blueberry Cream Ale and Peanut Butter Porter, it's like drinking a pb&j sandwich

Better Choices Pomegranate Wheat Ale  5.9% ABV

A refreshing wheat beer that is clean, smooth, and delicious with just a hint of Pomegranate flavor.  This Ale will help you welcome the warm weather we are finally getting.

Chaotic Cosmos Cranberry IPA  6.8% ABV

A Citra hop driven hazy with help from it's buddies Cascade and Chinook.  Hazy from the wheat and flaked oats, citrusy from the Citra Hops, and add in Cranberry to compliment it all.

Stache Strong Strawberry Pale Ale 5.8% ABV

Made with Mandarina Bavarian and Mosaic Hops but the real star is the loads of Strawberry flavors.  This beer is our brain cancer research fundraiser, $1.00 of every pint sold goes straight toward brain cancer research and awareness programs.  Raise a Pint and some money.  Smash for Stache!




  • Wine Flight Available 3 - 3oz samples $8

  • Harlot Red Semi Sweet Red Table Wine 

  • Bordello White Table Wine  

  • The Boyd Pinot Noir 

  • Cathouse Cabernet Sauvignon 

  • Madames Moscato    




  • Peach Keen         7.0% ABV (sweet and juicy)

  • Plumlicious        6.2% ABV (little sweet, little tart)   


Wild Bill's Root Beer by:  Northwoods Soda Company • $3.00 Pint or $12.00 Growler

All of our Craft Beers are made by Brewer Roy Finch at this location in the back of our kitchen.  

We use a 2.5 bbl Psycho Brew System; Made In Michigan.