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Owned and operated by Roy and Felicia Finch.  This early 1900s Hotel has been many things throughout the years including a brothel & saloon.  The warehouse was built when Hillsdale wholesale grocery took over in the early 20's.  It later became a feed mill and chicken hatchery, an auto parts warehouse and machine shop, and before the brewery it was used as storage only. 


This old beauty maintains all it's character of the original architecture with many updates to become a brewery and restaurant.  HBC prides itself in being family friendly and a relaxing fun place to visit.  HBC Opened January 22, 2018 and currently has 12 beers on tap, 2 ciders, 3 house wines all made on site.  Come check us out, we'd be happy to have you!

25 Hillsdale St History as we know it

The front 2 stories of this building were built in the late 1800's early 1900's and appears to be completed in 1903.  It was first opened as the Boyd Hotel.  It has been said it became the local brothel and saloon and the "ladies of the night" would stand in the bay windows and show theit "wears" to the men getting off the trains. 


The original Train depot still stands across St several yards to the West.  The hotel closed during prohibition times and the warehouse space was built and this became Hillsdale Wholesale Grocery with bulk groceries arriving and departing via train.  There were 2 tracks that ran North of the building and one track South of the building. 


Hillsdale was a large train hub in it's day with trains moving East/West & North/South from this Depot.  The Grocery cosed during the Depression and we believe the Safe and Teller windows were put in when (as it is said) the Federal Government used this loacation to distribute Ration Stamps during War Time.  Next this location became Scoville Bros. Feed Mill.  There is a feed elevator and large elevator in warehouse.  It was said that a chicken hatchery was on the third story of the warehouse. 


Scoville Bros Mill eventually moved out to where The Silos is now.  Wilson Auto and Machine Shop were the next tenants of this building unitl 1991.  After this there was a short stent where Art Works displayed local artists work and some artists did there work in the mid 90's.  The clay art piece in the dumb waiter was found on the 3rd story of the warehouse.  Until the current owners purchased the building in 2015, this space was used as storage for Gelzers furniture and Hardware. 


Hillsdale Brewing Company Opened January 22, 2018, expanded outdoor patio in 2021, and opened indoor beer garden March 2022.

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